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Logan from Scotland


Interview with Logan

                      (From left to right: Raman Dündar, Logan Cochrane, Abdullah Altundal)


In our English lessons, we met a very special person from Scotland, Logan. We asked him a few questions, about him, his life in Scotland and some other interesting points. Here we have roughly summarised everything for you. 

Some information about Logan: 

Name: Logan Cochrane 

Birthday: 06.01.2002 (currently 20 years old) 

Hobbies: Likes to watch German football, especially Borussia Mönchengladbach 

From: Scotland 


Things we asked him about Germany: 

 How do you find German schools compared to Scottish ones? 

 German schools are huge. Also, in Scotland you have to wear uniforms. Schools in his hometown are much smaller and have fewer students, and everyone has to wear a uniform. 


What do you think of Germany, how do you find it here? 

There is lots of police here in Germany. Germany is a bit darker in terms of weather. 


Things we asked about himself: 

What is your favourite German food so far? 

My favourite German food so far is the German Currywurst. 


What languages do you speak? 

I speak English and a little bit of Arabic. I have been learning German for two years. 


How often are you in Germany, and is Germany a place where you want to stay? 

I am in Germany for the second time. When I come here, I stay here for a longer period of time. In addition, I am currently finding out if Germany is a country where I would like to live in the future. I was only six years old when I was in Germany last. 


What countries have you been to so far? 

I have been to many countries like Canada, the UK, Kuwait and Cyprus so far. I owe this all to my parents, since they had to move across the globe because of my father’s career in the army. 


Do you play any video games? 

Yes, I have an Xbox where I play FIFA. 


How did you get to Germany this time? 

This time I came by ferry and drove the rest of the way. 


What's your opinion about the new king? 

I don’t like the monarchy. 


What did you study and where? 

I studied linguistics and German in Aberdeen. 


Things we asked him about Scotland: 

 Are things actually more expensive here in Germany than in Scotland? 

 Almost everything costs the same and only certain things are more expensive. 


What's the towny are from, and how is it there? 

I come from the town of Paisley, near Glasgow. It's a terrible place and you shouldn’t go there. 


What social media apps do they use in Scotland? 

In Scotland people don't use Whatsapp, they write more on Instagram. Tiktok is also very well-known there. 


Things he said about himself, Germany and Scotland without us asking him: 

- Where I come from, there are many castles (my favourite castle is Edinburgh Castle). I also want to visit the Teutoburg Forest and Hamburg here in Germany.  

- One thing about Scotland is that you get a free bus ticket for all of Scotland if you are under 23. 

- I have seen more rainy than sunny days in Germany. 

- I do not have a driver’s licence yet. 

- I do not feel very Scottish because he’s lived in so many countires before. 

- In Scotland a driver's licence only costs 60 pounds. All you have to do is pass a driving test and get your driver's licence. You get taught to drive by your parents and technically
   you don't even need a driver's licence, but you get one anyway so that you have less trouble

- I get along well with the time zone, in Germany we have one more hour of sunshine, so to speak, and I find that quite good.. 

- It's crazy that there is no speed limit on German motorways, but I think it makes sense, since Germans drive much more carefully (possibly due to the harder driver's licence) and I think that that's a good thing. In general, I take 11 hours to London if I am in Scotland because the motorways are so limited, whereas it would take us 6 hours if we drove across Germany.
In addition, German motorways are not called “highway” in English, but they refer to them aus “autobahn”.